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Empress Taytu

There really was an Ethiopian Empress Taytu!

Her full name was Idee Taytu Betoul. She was born around the 1840's and died in 1918. She was married to Emperor Menelik II and was the most influential woman in modern Ethiopian history.

Empress Taytu Betoul played an important part in Ethiopia's Golden Age. She was a great leader and the main architect of the foreign policy of Ethiopia to improve the welfare of the country.

Taytu is often praised for her talent as a negotiator, counselor and critical observer in solving political problems.

Taytu chose the site for the new capital and named it Addis Ababa ("new flower"). She was a pioneer who, for example, founded the first hotel in Ethiopia ('Itege Taytu' means 'Empress Taytu'; it still exists), and it was also the leading force in establishing the first bank in the country.

There would probably be no story of Adwa (the Ethiopian victory on March 1, 1896 against colonialism) if Empress Taytu hadn't been there, because she inspired to victory. As a military strategist she contributed to the defeat of Italy at the Battle of Adwa. She had her own brigade, which she bravely commanded on the battlefield. They fought in the front line and motivated as any men who wanted to retire, to keep on fighting. They also mobilized women as warriors and as nurses for the wounded soldiers. Thanks to its military insight Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that was never colonized.

Taytu restaurant is happy to raise awareness for this formidable empress of Ethiopia.

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