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Taytu Restaurant in Amsterdam-Oost is an authentic Ethiopian restaurant serving traditional Ethiopian food. As of April 2016 Negede Kumbi is the owner of the former African cafe Ibssa. The restaurant is now called Taytu Restaurant, after the famous Ethiopian Empress Taytu (1840-1918). It's a cosy, warm and intimate restaurant where you can enjoy delicious, refined Ethiopian cuisine for a reasonable price.

Come to us for a nice evening meal (eat in or takeway) and/or a Traditional Coffee Ceremony. We also cater events up to 50 persons.

Traditional Coffee Ceremony

An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony is a ritualised form of making and drinking coffee. Taytu Restaurant offers you a Traditional Coffee Ceremony: fresh coffee beans are roasted over a fire and than grounded. The coffee is prepared with water, in a special pot (jebena) and poured out in small cups (sini).

The coffee ceremony comes with a snack or delicacy (bun koers), such as popcorn and peanuts.

Opening hours

Ethiopian Restaurant Taytu is open Tuesdays - Sundays from 5pm.

We are closed on Mondays


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